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DIY babylegs in 5 minutes: The easiest 5-step tutorial with a key missing step!!

Everyone knows what a big babyleg fan I am. I mean, what is cuter than a baby in leggings? I have nearly 20 pairs for my little one, but at about $15 a pop, I decided at the beginning I was going to make them myself. It’s incredibly easy AND cheap! I always have my eye out for these and pick them up in little 99c stores or the local Bargain Stop usually for $1.99 for a pair of 3! So if you have a baby and a sewing machine, you should definitely try it.


STEP ONE: Cut the foot off.

STEP TWO: Cut the toe and heel off and toss, leaving the middle section, which is going to become the bottom cuff.

STEP THREE: Turn that cuff piece inside out and sew line down one side about 1-inch from the edge. Now this is a crucial step missing from a lot of babyleg tutorials because it’s what creates that cuffed look, narrowing the legging down at the bottom, otherwise it’s just one big open floppy end and will not hug their ankle at all.

STEP FOUR: Turn cuffed piece right side out again and then fold half of it inside out (so it’s basically tucked into itself like a taco, creating two layers) and then slide over the end of the legging — so you will be sewing through three layers all together.

STEP FIVE: Align the edges and sew together.

NOTE: Sew far enough away from the edge so you don’t miss any layers and cause a piece of fabric to stick out once you flip it over. So make sure all the layers are aligned, but it doesn’t have to be perfectly even— this is a cuff and so even if you jigjagged a part of it, you wouldn’t even be able to tell when it’s finished. Remember, these are going to be bunched up on a leg of an always-moving baby! Another thing to note: DO NOT PIN the pieces together before sewing. I know some people are fanatic about pinning, but all that will do is eat up time and add frustration. Pinning is completely unnecessary in this project.

Then flip the cuff and FINITO!

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    Working on some of these DIY baby leg warmers for Adeleine! I’m super excited and I finally got my mom’s sewing machine...
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